Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Marks & Spencers - Magic & Sparkle, my arse

Remember my post about my coat, back in October? No reply from M&S, so I've left the following on their Facebook page. Let's see if some public shaming gets their arses into gear.

I would like to complain about your customer service. Back in September, I bought your very lovely bouclĂ© winter coat and was really quite peeved when I got it home and found out that one of the buttons was loose and the spare button bag was torn, so I had no spares. I didn't have time to sew the button on, and it fell off. A further 3 fell off, and some I have managed to reattach, but others I have lost (I commute on foot, 6 miles a day, and they fell off while I was walking). At the moment, I'm down two and this is a double-breasted coat, so I've had to move buttons from the 'decorative' side so that I can actually fasten my £85 coat.

At the time, (this could be slightly incorrect, but it's been a while) I sent a message through your website and I rang to complain, and was told that someone would get back to me. They didn't. I got very upset and sent an angry message through your website which no one has replied to, but I also rang *again*.

I was told that you don't have any spare buttons in the UK - THIS IS RIDICULOUS - and that you would have to contact your "clothing technologists" (I think that was the rather odd turn of phrase that you used) to ask if they had a replacement. I said I wanted you to phone me and I was told that someone would get in touch to let me know if there were any spares or not. I haven't heard a thing back, and that last phone call I made was in October. Nearly two months ago.

I am, firstly, disgusted, that I spent £85 on a coat, only to have 3 buttons fall off. I am enraged that you don't have spare buttons, either in this country or abroad. Even on this planet? Anywhere? And to make it worse, I think you customer service is pathetic. I *should not* have to keep ringing you up to find out what's happening about this.

It's ridiculous because the coat is really nice and I could've been easily placated by being sent the 3 spares buttons and a £10 voucher to make up for my time wasted by having to deal with a faulty product that I have to mend myself. But no. I am left feeling as if you are quite merrily ripping me off and I am very, VERY unlikely to make further large purchases like this again because the quality of your products is just not up to snuff, and your customer service is next to useless.

And if you don't have any spares, then you should provide me with the money that replacing 8 buttons would cost - the cost of the buttons and my time in sewing the damn things on.

You're not Primark - I expect a better level of service and product from you, and you're just not delivering it. 

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  1. They didn't reply to it so I had to post it on another comment someone had left where they were actually responding. The answer? "Please ring customer services." What's the flipping point when I've rung them twice, and both times they've promised to phone me back and they HAVEN'T!

    In the end, I bought a spare button which could hide under the collar and then moved that one (a leather-covered one) to one of the spaces where I'd lost a button. And then sewed on the one that fell off but I hadn't managed to lose. And then went round every button on the coat, sewing them firmly. This all took me an hour, and it's something I should *not* have had to do on a coat that cost £85. I'm still pissed off and it's now February. :(